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  1. Rook

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    Sure I'll take whipped cream
  2. Rook

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    Is waiting
  3. Rook

    All of SK right now

    Blusalomi be like: I can't do the formatting
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  5. Rook

    big thanks

    Who wouldn't love this?
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  7. Rook

    I am in need of serious help

    Wait is that shit not real? Oh well, if it's not there's nothing lost, if it is despite what you say then I get a free million, risk free! That's why I just sent them my mummies credit card details All you plebs are missing out on the money.
  8. Rook

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    I'm better
  9. I voted for more than one, I'm a unique special flower
  10. As the person who has been in SK since the beginning, I back this plan.
  11. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=f61Q2lDpykQ New forest Gump spin off