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  1. Brooklyn666

    Is This Still A Thing..?

    Bitch go on discord. We don't use this place very much anymore
  2. Brooklyn666

    Is This Still A Thing..?

    Good job resurrecting an 8 month old thread
  3. Brooklyn666

    Is This Still A Thing..?

    He emerges from his drunken slumber every 4000 years to pop in on Discord
  4. Brooklyn666

    Is This Still A Thing..?

    You can still hop on to shoot the shit with us! Even Tenages drops in from time to time.
  5. Brooklyn666

    Is This Still A Thing..?

    It's going ok. We've kind of settled into a stalemate. Most of the nations on the other side are too low in score for us to do much of anything with. And yes, of course the leak came from us! I won't name the culprit but he or she is free to identify themselves if they so choose... Why aren't you on discord?
  6. Brooklyn666

    Is This Still A Thing..?

    Well god damn. It's been a minute! I think we're all somewhat surprised that PW is still around. SK is great. We're currently at war which began, as is out tradition, by leaks. What's new with you?
  7. Brooklyn666

    Game of Thrones Mafia Sign-up #3

    sign me up bitch
  8. Brooklyn666

    In Celebration of Frankenstein

    There's a learning curve. If you play MP with us you'll get it
  9. Brooklyn666

    In Celebration of Frankenstein

    Can you get Hoi4 working yet?
  10. Brooklyn666

    Game of Thrones Season 7 Discussion (Spoilers)

    She's such a badass she actually won by dying. She died and STILL WON
  11. Brooklyn666

    Game of Thrones Season 7 Discussion (Spoilers)

    RIP Olenna Tyrell. The baddest most savage bitch in all of Westeros
  12. Brooklyn666

    Game of Thrones Season 7 Discussion (Spoilers)

    Petyr Baelish is the most lecherous creep I've ever seen. He looks like he spends his free peeping into girls' locker rooms through holes in the wall
  13. Brooklyn666

    Movie Night Requests and Upvoting

    Backdoor Sluts 9 any of the Alien films
  14. A winter with no end, a cold with no mercy. King Valdoroth Kai looks out a window of the red keep, overlooking King's Landing, home of the rich and poor, where telling the truth will lead you nowhere but Flea Bottom, and deception is more abundant than air. The streets of King's Landing are empty, ports frozen, the entire kingdom is at standstill until the never ending winter finally comes to an conclusion. Just as King Valdoroth turns around, the air shattered, multiple cracks can be heard, explosions ripping the air, sounding like a hundred storms at once, as if the God's themselves came down to the mortal world for war. There seems to be no end to this nightmare, until a high pitched noise is heard, as if a baby direwolf was slaughtered. The sound is followed by a red trail ascending to the heavens and and silence fell upon us in its wake. Even as the KingsGuard stood trembling King Valdoroth stood still for a moment with no fear in his eyes. A moment passes, then turns to his KingsGuard and says “Prepare the men, I want my retinue out in force within the hour”, the KingsGuard stood in fear, as if they thought their king was a mad man, who would want to go up against the Gods? “NOW!!” Screamed Valdoroth. Within an hour, six hundred men were organized and marched out of the the Dragon Gate to head north, none wanted to be there, except for King Valdoroth. With haste, they make their way north, towards the light. For three hours, they walk with , no rests and no food, until they arrived to a camp of slaughtered raiders. Their bodies riddled with holes, some missing limbs, “no animal could do this alone”. His advisers begged him to return behind the safe walls of Kings Landing, but Valdoroth would have none of it. What little trade was left within the Seven Kingdom was pillaged by the raiders, he felt at peace with the slaughter of such men. All of a sudden, red dots appear on King Valdoroth and his men, almost as if he had a rash. An Andal looking being appeared in the distance, hiding in bushes. One of them walks forward, and without any hesitation, Valdoroth does too. “My name is Miranda Lawson and I represent the best of Cerberus, apologies for the mess, they did attack us first. Take a seat, hope you don't mind the mess” Valdoroth doesn't utter a word, analysing Miranda, calculating each word, for after seeing what they managed to do to the raiders, he didn't want to act or speak without understanding his opponent. Miranda could see him working, almost robotic, as if she could see the cogs turning in his head. Both leaders sit for five minutes until Miranda finally breaks the silence “I've introduced myself and who I represent, it's usually common courtesy to for the other party to do the same. Valdoroth sits in silence for another 20 seconds until “My name is Valdoroth Kai, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm, this is my land you currently trespass on, what are your intentions? “Progress” , says Miranda “We have no intentions of war nor games, we are here for science and progress”. King Valdoroth seems intrigued and invites them to the warm halls of the Red Keep. Article 1: Bro code In the event either alliance gets shit faced, The Seven Kingdoms and Cerberus both agree to respond to any text and agrees to pick the other up from the pub/bar/strip club and not snitch to their significant other/s. Article 2: Sharing Nudes With the intent of ensuring both alliances get laid, should either SK or Cerberus come across knowledge that could affect the other's sex life or otherwise endanger the other’s members, both agree to reveal such details. The information is only to be acted upon by the affected alliance. Article 4: NAP for the NAP god Neither Cerberus nor SK will have sexual relations with that woman. Article 5: Order 66 Should either side wish to terminate the treaty, they must first provide Commander Cody with the Order 66 code with 72 hour notice to the other before making a public announcement of the Cerberus’s attempt to take over the Republic. Signed for Cerberus Illusive Man: Bradley Davies Head of Operations: Boki Operative of Foreign Affairs: Verin Operative of Internal Affairs: Eddard Stark Operative of Econ: Toll Operative of Military Affairs: CT Signed for SK King: Valdoroth Kai Grand Maester: Brooklyn666 Lord Commander: Callum Master of Coin: Clover Master of Whispers: Mikey High Septon: Squeegee tl;dr Valyria 2.0 strikes again (SK/Cerberus MDP)
  15. Brooklyn666

    The Castle of SK

    What is that? A castle for ants!?