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  1. Zaxon

    GoT Spin-offs Confirmed

    Dunc & Egg I have been ready for this for sometime.
  2. Zaxon

    Animu & Mango

    Dont forget about Korean Manwha (comics/manga) !: DICE The cube that changes everything! Currently the only manga I'm reading are Attack on Titan and Bleach and I only read Bleach out of habit it's so mediocre. As far as Manga/Anime you may have missed that haven't been mentioned yet : Legend of the Galactic Hero's Gundam Origins ( I'm not a huge Gundam fan but it was were pretty good up there with Unicorn) Orguss 2 Exiled Destiny Escaflowne Death Note Prince Arslan (both the older OVA and newer TV series) Super Dimensional Fortress Macross II: Lovers Again Future Boy Conan (old school Hayao Miyazaki before studio Ghilbi) Nausicaa of the valley of the wind (old school Hayao Miyazaki ) Slayers series I could go on but I'll stop there for now.
  3. Howland Reed is the one who holds the secret as he was there and with the gathering of all the northern houses he is either already at Wnterfell or on his way. He may tell John and Littlefinger or one of his agents overhears . Littlefinger uses this to pressure Sansa to take her rightful place and maybe he try's to setup John to die as he is a rival for the Iron Throne to Littlefinger. I think Tyrion may make a trip to the North and he is the one who unravels Littlfingers status as the puppet master who set things in motion. Since Tyrion was Master of Coins he understands that the gold cloaks answer to who pays them and Ned was betrayed and also how he set him up by telling Catlalin that Tyrion owned the Valryian steel knife found on the assassin who tried to murder Bran. Yeah I was ready to write a rant about how Season 6 was weak until I saw the finally and it was damn good. John and Danny will at least have 1 child but I think one of them will die by the end. Maybe Danny dies during child birth or John dies a Hero defeating the Night King. Or both...
  4. @Rook Interesting theory and maybe there is something magical in Winterfell besides which they also have one of only 2 weirwood trees south of the wall. In any case it may be a long time before we confirm that though as i don't think the Whitewalkers will invade until the last half of Season 7. - I figured season 7 will start with the Danny's arrival the rallying and resistance of houses in the deep south (Dorne, The Reach & Stromlands) while Cersei consolidates power and forces loyalty out of the other houses. - Also something I left out but i liked how the scene with Walder Fray with Jamie contrasts against the scene with Brienne and Jamie. Walder was the most salty guy ever and was cowardly smug about his lowly reputation which Jamie doesn't which to associate himself with despite being called kingslayers which is a taint on his honor. Where as Brieene seems to inspire Jamie to what he wish he could have been. Very interesting to me as I think if Jamie will play some kind of important role towards the end to try and redeem his honor.
  5. This was hands down the best episodes all season 6 and as much as we complained about the other fan service plot lines in other episodes that didnt have impact, this one hit all the right keys !!! Well played Season 6 ! - First the setup for the exploding sept was amazing but if I have one small gripe it would be how come in the 20 years after the mad kings death no one found the wildfire down there. I understand it's a bit of maze but jeez 20 years is long time to not notice anything but I guess Jamie didn't go around telling everyone what happened so few people knew. - Tommen's leap of faith (lol) kind of fit how I saw his demise connected to his mothers actions. However I think she knew in her heart he might die and she was ready for it and shes been numb after everything that's happened. - Cersei in the black dress reminded me of the Dark queen from Snow white and the Huntsman - OMG if there is a little bad ass award Little Lady Lyanna Mormont deserves it . I want to adopt her ! - King of the North scene was awesome though I initially thought Sansa would rule. I can see Littlefinger trying to wedge between Sansa and Jon just wait until Danny arrives then his plans will go to shit. - Arya killing Walder Frey is something I anticipated since she first arrived in Bravos. Serving him his sons in a meat pie was straight up out of Titus Should she free Edmure maybe he will rally the Riverlands with the North. - I have to admit I wasn't a fan of the initial Sand sister plot killing off the Martel but seeing how they compressed everything for tv to clear the way for the Danny-Dorne-HighGarden-IronBorn Alliance I guess it makes sense. - Also J = L + J Confirmed !!! : ) - Uncle Benjin stating that the wall is also a magical barrier makes me think why didnt he mention the Night Kings marking on his arm Season 7 Predictions: - Danny's fleet will land in Dorne and will make its way toward Kings landing but their will be splits in allegiances in some of the smaller houses who hope to keep favor with Lannister who may even have some of their heirs at court essential hostages. At least until the Dragons come.... - I think the other major threat will be the 1000 ships of Euron's Iron born who may realize they have have been out maneuvered and may raid Danny's Fleet so it doesn't reach Kings Landing.All an effort to showcase their strength but like many others they will probably end up absorbed into her army, - While that's happening I think the Night King will purposely try and chase but not kill Brandon so that he crosses the wall so his powers can cross over the barrier. Which I think is the key to invading the south. - Cersei madness will reach new levels and she may even call for all the local lords to send their first born sons and heirs to the capital to keep them close and keep their Houses loyalty. Now the long wait begins as this seasons watch has ended!
  6. I don't really care about Rikkon we never get a chance to really care about him. - The confusion of the battle with the horse flying by and the chaos was good but the predictable Knights of the Vale under Littlefinger saving the day was too predictable. I was hoping Jon after taking to Sansa had a surprise plan at least. - Ramnsy being dogfood was a fine ending for him. - The CGI Budget for the dragons seemed a bit low since they all looked the same color. - It's always nice seeing the Dragons break free I hope they head to Volantis next. - I think the Giant who died will get some area near Winterfell named after him to honor his sacrifice
  7. Fan Service Alert - lol The Hound is back and looks like hes going to get pulled into the great game again. While I'm happy to see him back on the other hand it feels like there is too much fan service this season. - Ian Mcshane is a phenomenal actor it's too bad he only got 1 episode - Margery is a master of immersion shes totally in her element. I like her role here. Seems like everyone is converging on the riverlands with Brienne, The Hound & the Lannisters no telling how all that's going to end. Arya was supposed to be anticipating this attack which makes me wonder was this perhaps all an act to make them think she was bleeding out and dead. Maybe she filled her shirt with something that can bleed and the whole walk down the streets was done deliberately so their would be witnesses.Then again maybe she just got sloppy...
  8. I knew the story was only taking us to Horn Hill to get the Valyrian steel which we will now have 3 of heading to the North. House Corbray of the Eyrie should have the 5th Valyrian blade "Lady Forlorn". I thought Arya's assassin training would have lasted longer but maybe being on the run will accelerate her training. The High Septon plays The Game well.... but I couldn't help but feel Tommens death/downfall will be linked some how to this moment. I actually think Cersei will some how indirectly lead him to his death. Can we please get a standing applause for Benjen Stark they finally answered that mystery.
  9. The upcoming episode 6 "Blood of my Blood" is written by screen writer Bryan Cogman who wrote some of the most intriguing episodes like S1's "Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things", S3's "Kissed by Fire", S4's "Oathkeeper" & "The Laws of Gods and Men" as well as S5's "Kill the Boy" & "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken". (I skipped a few) None of which were heavy action stories but interpersonal plot driven story lines filled with intrigue. It seems the title may relate to the blood relation of the Stark's and Tully but also to the bond between the Tyrell's who stand up for Margery. I wondered if there might be some hidden blood relations revealed we didn't know about.
  10. The story is moving fast wow it's like they want to reach the end by season 8. - The stuff about Hodor's name came directly from George RR Martin to the producers. - More interesting was tying in the origins of the White Walkers with the Children of the Forest's war against the First men. A magical Terminator scenario...TreeNet (skynet) - Euron Greyjoy came in like Donald Trump and promised to make the Ironborn great again. I think Theon and his sis are going to beat him to Meereen and try to win her over. - Clearly the new High Red Priestess Kinvara is shown to be more powerful than Melisandre given that she is of a higher rank. It seems that the faith of Rhilor will actually play a big part in ending the resistance to Daenerys and unifying much of Slavers Bay and eventually Volantis behind her. It seems like everything is lining up for Daenerys to get to the 7 Kingdoms with plenty of horses, the religious faith with real magic, a fleet of ships and 3 dragons. My theory is that "Azor Ahai" and the "Prince who was Promised" are separate individuals with John Snow being one and Daenerys being the other.
  11. Those fire stands are filled with oil, tipping them over made the oil spill and flames spread. Also the explanation as to Daenerys being fire proof stems from magic and blood. In the past in the Valyrian Freehold, House Targaryen was actually a minor house but the reason they inbreed so much is because of their special bloodline. House Targaryen like many of the other Dragon Lords had special magic rituals performed over the centuries involving dragons and selective breeding allowed them to pass on some of these traits. In genetics some abilities are passed on as recessive genes. Perhaps that's why not all Targaryen's are fire proof but maybe it also has to do with some spiritual things as it does involve magic. It's been my theory someone in the near future will use one of the other 2 dragons blood to bind them to themselves and increase their magic. It is essentially blood magic similar to what the Dragon Lords probably used.
  12. Hell yeah that was one satisfying ending for Danny, pretty fucking epic !!! I think on the Essos side we are building to the war between Volantis and Meereen. I think ultimately conquering Volantis will be symbolic as it was the first of the Valyrian Freehold colonies and a huge feet considering it's one of the most powerful free cities next to Bravos. Also Volantis is said to be key to the slavers market with 5 slaves to every 1 freeman. - At Castle Black it was nice to see John and Sansa reunited but yea I also had the feeling Sansa was kind of uppity towards him glad that was pointed out. I'm sure Tormund was surprised Sansa was a ginger too. Speaking of Tormund it was funny how he kept staring at Brienne lol. - I think Little Fingers plan will backfire on him as Sansa will turn on him. Also Robin Arryn being so weak and poor at fighting is properly hinting that he is Petyr Balish's son. - I think the High Sparrow has something awaiting the troops incoming as he has his own spy network among the impoverished throughout the 7 Kingdoms. Hence his words you are the few we are the many.
  13. Yeah Margery is calculating but shes not inherently cruel as she prefers persuasion over force. She played it smart by getting the common folk on her side and by building friendly relations. Cersei on the other hand is viscous and relies too much on fear and intimidation as her front line of defense. I think Cersei will go to see her daughter and the faith militant will try and stop her. Thus #Ichooseviolence on her twitter account.
  14. You know I have no love for religious fanatics but the High Sparrow has actually done nothing wrong put point out their hypocrisy. Tywin was right in that Cersei's problem is shes not as smart as she thinks she is. The one person caught up in the faith militant I feel bad for is Margaery Tyrell. She would have actually made a good queen if Cersei would frack off,
  15. I think there is great meaning to the scene of them asking her for the list of doomed men. It's not that they wont allow her to kill them but it's the process by which she does that matters.