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    "The Big World" test preview by TheLazyPeon; for quick game intro, check it's IGN Wiki - tho launch was meantime pushed to summer 2017. In reality, it will be good if we have open beta around that time. Basically, it's a step from earlier MOBA-like small scale testing towards bigger MMO servers with mining, crafting, gathering etc. - tho building, character customization/genders etc. are not in tests yet. Here's some more combat footage by ItsZiz: PS current, alpha test access is not too cheap (around $100 or more) but you can always check the aforementioned open beta.
  2. JamesGoblin

    Building stuff in Camelot Unchained (aka DAoC 2)

    Tho it might take siege engines, resources and some teamplay.
  3. 100% free form building, everything is player made ( and can be destroyed <3 ) : ...and this is how it looks many,many hours later: The game is PvP/crafting/building MMO by Mark Jacobs. Or you can check it's IGN Wiki for quick intro and more pics + videos. Alpha access is kinda expensive, but they will have open beta in 2017, right before launch.
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    What are you listening to?

    Not exactly jammin':
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    Last post wins

    Hey mods, close this pointless thread already. (lol I know, it was too obvious )
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    Crowfall (played by a noob girl)

    Wasn't me! I just quoted. No idea, do I have to? We Goblins prefer freedom, whenever possible =) PS sorry for late replies folks, none of your posts triggered my email notifications!?! I saw this after random "manual" check.
  7. JamesGoblin

    Crowfall (played by a noob girl)

    Haha, sorry - I just tried to edit it into something "normal" but there's no option!? While I'm here, below you can see new siege engines at work - I present you "Death in the Rubble": OK, that was destruction - and this is how building your own kingdom works, it's like playing Tetris!?!
  8. JamesGoblin

    New player message

    Well, roleplaying or... Nah, it's roleplaying =)
  9. JamesGoblin

    Crowfall (played by a noob girl)

    So, here's the promised video: ...aaand some more serious teamplay (Champion - melee DPS PoW): PS The game is PvP MMORPG, claiming territory + voxel building & destruction, will be buy to play etc... say, it's IGN Wiki - http://www.ign.com/wikis/crowfall
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    Music thread

    Three cute girls singing:
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    Welcome mate! Have a silly kitten:
  12. JamesGoblin

    Music thread

    Good old Yello <3
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    I prefer walking, and that includes no elevators too.