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  1. Tibbles

    Request gaming roles on Discord

    Overwatch (@overwatch) Rocket League (@rocket league) Arma 3 (@Arma3) Settlers of Catan (@Catan) Rainbow Six Siege (@siege) Battlefield 1 (@BF1) tage me in these and more please i play anything that people want to
  2. Tibbles


    shiiitt you expect people to actually go in order shit thats crazy talk
  3. Tibbles


    yeah but its also free on for what we are doing i just chose to spend some money on roll 20
  4. Tibbles


    Alright listen up here fellow nerds, I'm being coerced into probably maybe running another game of D&D on roll 20. If anyone is interested in joining please contact clover or me for as we all know im lazy. I'm thinking maybe at least 5 people minimum to start it and time and dates will be determined later as this develops. It will most likely be version 5 only because it moves along much easier for newer people. If you dont want to play then yes you may go back to your girlfriends and or wives and kindly leave my mothers basement. Using the webcam is optional knowing all you uhhh losers dont like people to see you but being on Discord is MANDATORY can't RP if i cant hear you p.s. im not actually being coerced i want to play it again Who Playin' so far: -Valdoscrub -Evil Mikey -Gandalf (??? He was triggered at wizard appropriation but didn't say he'd play) -Clover -TheMips aka 'Bendover' -Blusalomi
  5. Tibbles

    Objective Games

    psh i blew over 20 mil im broke now..... i have an addiction
  6. I'm pretty sure he wasnt on the ship when it was headed back but he was on a ship being prepared to leave to go to the funeral and they had jumped him before it left port
  7. Tibbles


    I'm down if my girlfriend will let me, see i did it too! Im available most nights this up coming week i only work wednesday and thursday
  8. Tibbles

    Mafia Game #4

    uhhhh so did the mafia game die?
  9. Tibbles

    Mafia Game #4

    jesus at least we got rid of one baddie he did have me fooled tho
  10. Tibbles

    Mafia Game #4

    the accusations fly but i do believe people fear the host change since last games RNG but i will profess his innocence for now hopefully he doesn't betray us he hasnt been suspicious but man cmon areton accent is horrid lets get that commie bastard!!!!
  11. Tibbles

    Mafia Game #4 Signup (Cold War theme!)

    well good sir i think you are right
  12. Tibbles

    Mafia Game #4 Signup (Cold War theme!)

    yo gandalf you knows tomorrow is easter right broski
  13. Tibbles

    Mafia Game #4 Signup (Cold War theme!)

    ебать ваÑ, ребÑта
  14. Tibbles

    Mafia Game #4 Signup (Cold War theme!)

    im game i would host but does not fit into my work schedule
  15. Tibbles

    Mafia Game #3