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  1. What's the main difference with this and something like h1z1 king of the kill?
  2. I'm in.
    What's an SK? I'm not understanding the significance here. 2 stars.
  3. Sure sounds good
  4. run
  5. I've been working on this a while today, and auto-assign roles for games is currently working. We can always add more roles in the future. Just follow the ".iam" command (without quotations) followed by whichever role you'd like to add to yourself. Example: .iam Overwatch These commands are also in the new 'announcements' tab at the top of the server. If it doesn't work or the bot is offline, message Me/Mikey/Ren
  6. Starks, you guys need to get your shit together! With Arya and myself (Sansa) now dead, you've lost an experienced double-voter and a cop! All the mafia and neutral killers remain! I second with Ren, you guys- get engaged! Don't let the secret mafia walk all over you and win this thing. You still have a chance to save the Starks!!!! The only results of my investigations are that: Night 1- Investigated Ren. Result: NOT MAFIA (obviously) Night 2- Investigated Broolyn666. Result: No result (I died before getting results!) Bye!
  7. Damn! Now the mafians get to strike! At least on the plus side, no one innocent has died yet by fellow Starks.
  8. Just as before, The Starks will not falter!
    I like this.
  9. I really like bad holiday music. Well truthfully, I just like annoying my family and friends with them- so here's a selection of some of the worst BEST Christmas-themed jingles for your enjoyment! (The last of which is a personal favorite)
  10. Valdoroth once considered locking the thread so he could cheat his win. For shame!
  11. The thread is last post wins. Not "add up time you spent as faux-last post" wins. There is no ahead. ONLY ONE CAN BE THE WINNER!