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  1. Summer sale hype thread

    I'm planning to pick up rust as well. It'll be nice to have something cross platform with my damn mac
  2. Summer sale hype thread

    Dude, empire total war is incredible. I've been playing TW games since Rome 1, and Empire is my easy favorite. I'm about to pick up Attila and see how it is
  3. Word Association

  4. Word Association

    Wheat. Because I have IBS.
  5. The show released an image that had the note about Myrcella being killed, and it mentions that Jaime was sending Tristane back to try to help preserve the peace http://www.gamesradar.com/read-the-game-of-thrones-letter-that-caused-that-season-6-moment/
  6. Word Association

  7. Word Association

    Dogs playing poker
  8. Word Association

  9. Word Association

    Happy Tree Friends
  10. Word Association

    Can I do "Your Mom" again? But forizzle, Rosie O'Donnel Edit: Dammit you beat me to the punch..... Udders... Howsa bouts "teets"
  11. Game of Thrones

    I am so fucking psyched for this! I've got a viewing party with a bunch of bro's setup for Sunday night
  12. The Division

    I suppose y'all are all steamers?
  13. The Division Beta

    I'll likely be playing also. I was in on the closed beta as well, which was awesome. My PSN ID is Duece1995 Ya... I made that years ago in sixth grade, I even misspelled "deuce"
  14. Word Association

  15. Word Association