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  1. No lol.
  2. Or just me alone >:D
  3. Nope. I added a cushion so it's actually comfortable.
  4. my win.
  5. Mozart's Andante Moderato from his Symphony number 33
  6. I blame your big head being in the way!
  7. I don't think our tax is unfair atm.
  8. Actually I meant more on the lines that a bunch of did play some a few months (ok many more than a few) ago and you weren't there :S. Otherwise, from how I know things go, we should go ahead and just setup two teams bcs we're going to end up killing each other anyways.
  9. This guy, behind the curve.
  10. I didn't understand anything you just typed.
  11. Darth Bane was an excellent book series if you're into star wars AND the dark side. Written by Drew Karpishyn, primary writer of the KOTOR I storyline.
  12. Star Wars is fantastic. tbh I couldn't find the Blue Harvest version sadly.
  13. https://youtu.be/T_OSeRxhGOY?t=2m
  14. Ah you right.
  15. Well, you know. School + war often take up more time and are more important. But if it makes you happy, I just posted. Look at my total post count. I'm not inactive on the forums.