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  1. Anyone want to play this weekend?
  2. fast Edit: the html only source sucks Mikey.
  3. spot
  4. Apparently there's a bunch of Filipino recipes that use spam that are actually tasty.
  5. Aye. I should have died way earlier on. Mafia said nah.
  6. Well, I'm out of kill actions. So we have to hang the last Bolton tonight, then get the SK. I think we'd have just enough people to do it to win. But barely. Otherwise the SK wins.
  7. I didn't read to be honest, though I was not home until ~9:30pm and was too tired to think. But, I tried to killl blusalomi last night. Since there were 2 kills and 1 attempt/block(seriously though if it was blocked then there technically wasn't an attempt), and only the SK and godfather are immune at night. So my best guess is that Ramsey Bolton role blocked me, but was killed by SK as well. Then the goon that's alive hit callum, the "supposed sk" as the mafia's primary threat. Participants: (Bold are alive) Clover Sansa Stark - alignment cop Nibra Melisandre - Doctor LuckyNako Ramsey Bolton - Mafia roleblocker Brooklyn Petyr Baylish - role cop JaimeLannister Jailer Sharoyl Bolton rolecop Mikey Ren Arya Stark - Double voter iTorchic Bran Stark - role blocker JeanP Callum Stark Bannerman Carvell Bolton Bannerman Squeegee Havelock Bluebear Exectutioner Bradley Valdoroth Blusalomi 4 starks(vig, 3 bannermen), 2 boltons (godfather and goon), 1 serial killer
  8. Too much repetition.
  9. I didn't know you were so familiar with them.
  10. Or possibly he's been at work from 6am-4pm and in a hotel an inn. I'm a working man, so I can't argue against me being quieter than normal.
  11. You're also dead, so you're not supposed to be posting at all. Unless I missed yet another rule. Otherwise yes Gandy should post plaintext each time normally. Ok. I'm going to cede with Jean and Mikey on this. You've both made really valid points that I agree with. But, I don't have any new info. We've got at least one of the Boltons, but we lost yet another Stark, so our net remains the same.
  12. The hardest part is that we have no clue who did or didn't vote. From what I could tell, only 6 out of the remaining 14 people even voted at all. To top things off, only a few of us even talked about anything. I do apologize for being last minute and wrong about my assumption, but travel takes time and it's hard to write and ride a horse at the same time.
  13. I thought there was a rule that disallowed a doctor to save themselves? Unless they were jailed during the night...which is bad on us, but bad on anyone else from speaking up in his defense, to include himself. For one suspecting us to accuse the quiet ones, he stayed too quiet.
  14. It only said attempts though, no mentioning about anyone being saved. I mean, that may be director's discretion, but typically some sorta hint at that is given. That's why I didn't include it in my list.