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  1. Game of Thrones Mafia #2

    What a cheap way to mislead us. Do you think we're that stupid, mate? At this point, I think we have to carefully choose who to believe in. I don't want us to lynch people based on this garbage.
  2. Game of Thrones Mafia #2

    This sounds very suspicious. Trying to herd people's opinions, eh? I'll go along with Ren's instinct since she's most experienced player on this kinda game. Besides that, I've worked with Ren in the past and she was always right in making any decisions regarding this game.
  3. Happy Birthday, Ned Stark!

  4. Game of Thrones Mafia #2

    Look forward to working with you again, Ren.
  5. Game of Thrones Mafia #2 -- Sign ups

    Count me in, mate!
  6. A Game Of Thrones -- Mafia Game #1

    Did you think I was that stupid? Seriously you make me sad, Lyev.
  7. A Game Of Thrones -- Mafia Game #1

    It was a fun, guys. Well played everybody! Shoutout to my bae Ren, we couldn't have done it if it wasn't because of you. Also, thanks Gandalf for the game.
  8. A Game Of Thrones -- Mafia Game #1

    Well, let's vote for Lyve just for laughs.
  9. A Game Of Thrones -- Mafia Game #1

    Tbh, I'll leave the matter to the rest of Starks now. Because, I have a strong feeling that Lannister will come after me tonight.
  10. A Game Of Thrones -- Mafia Game #1

    Tbh, the only reason why I'm kinda bit hesitant to suspect Bendover is because someone voted for him in the last voting.
  11. A Game Of Thrones -- Mafia Game #1

    Both Bendover and Lyev are just recently active and showing up now. And that pretty much explains why team Lannister had a split vote last night. This leads to an assumption that either one of them is Tywin Lannister for sure.
  12. A Game Of Thrones -- Mafia Game #1

    Nah, you didn't change it to Katsu, but you changed it to Itz. Which leads me to think that you're the other Lannister.
  13. A Game Of Thrones -- Mafia Game #1

    If I didn't die last night, then I would vote for Katsu.
  14. A Game Of Thrones -- Mafia Game #1

    Players Remaining Callum (Stark) Lucky (Stark) Itztayay (probably Stark) Katsu Bendover Lyev Somehow I hope both Lyev and Bendover fail to show up to vote next time, so we still have a chance to win the game.
  15. A Game Of Thrones -- Mafia Game #1

    Well Clover did encourage me to vote for Itz on the other day. Given the fact that Clover, a Lannister was very enthusiast to kill Itz. I can safely say that Itz is a Stark. But, it's all too late now since we only have 3 Starks, which one of us is gonna die tonight. We're pretty fucked up now.