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  1. Konstantinurov

    Last post wins

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    Last post wins

    Neither have you bb
  3. This one is pretty suitable too imo
  4. Konstantinurov

    War Advisors

    Your profile pic perfectly describes your advisors
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    In honor of this war.

    This thread is a train wreck
  6. Interesting. I guess I'll be expecting someone to get a Nobel Prize sometime next week huh.
  7. Konstantinurov

    Have we finally gone too far? (VERY NSFW)

    Ibternet Rule 34: If it exists, there is porn of it
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    Me too, upsized, please.
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    Alphabet Game

    Great idea, let's make the dildos strawberry flavoured while we're at it
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    Lose Spaghetti feat. dat boi
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    Alphabet Game

    Alphabet game restart!!
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    No Man's Sky

    In terms of what you feel after playing it, it's like minecraft but more immersive and with more unique stuff lying around. That sense of desolation and isolation, realising that we all die alone in this universe. Yea, that's the general idea. So even if names disappear and many features never made it to fhe released version, I'd say that they were successful in the sense that they managed to make many people have that epiphany.
  13. Konstantinurov

    Count to 1000