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    Libtardages reacted to Mikey in Official Petition to Rename the Seven Kingdoms to the Seven Taters   
    Empty threats ingrate! You can't delete the forums if I forget to pay for them first!
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    Libtardages got a reaction from DeShawn in Websites back?   
    The answer to this question is always, without fail, Mikey (and/or Tenages)
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    Libtardages got a reaction from DeShawn in Websites back?   
    The answer to this question is always, without fail, Mikey (and/or Tenages)
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    Libtardages reacted to Mikey in Happy birthday SK!   
    Real talk though I want to thank everyone who has been apart of SK over the years. I know I'm not a member in PW anymore, but this alliance still means a lot to me. There were many times where PT went down and it seemed like we would just fade out of existence, but you guys kept around and rebounded when it came back, and rebounded again when PW came online and have kept this alliance going strong. Its a bit silly to get sentimental over an online community I suppose, but in a way I've grown up with this alliance and put a lot into it, and it means a lot to me to see so many people actively apart of the community and keeping it growing and successful! SO thanks to everyone. If you're in Boston tonight I'll buy you a drink or two
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    Libtardages reacted to Mikey in Happy birthday SK!   
    5 years ago a couple of idiots formed a silly Alliance in a game that immediately went offline. Somehow it has managed to survive and actually become a successful community despite Tenages and I accidental deleting the forums every 2 months. Here's to five more years of having no idea what we're doing!
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    Libtardages got a reaction from Kurdanak in The Alliance Power Rankings   
    I love you Kurd.
    Just thought it needed to be said.

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    Libtardages reacted to Kurdanak in The Alliance Power Rankings   
    For those of you who do not know me already (meaning, you don't care about the P&W forums ), salutations! I manage The Alliance Power Rankings, where you'll find day-to-day stat changes with the occasional cumulative update (i.e. weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly). Pretty neat stuff, if you ask me! \o/
    With the new year, I've decided to start making my way to the forums of those in the rankings. In this thread, I'll start sharing new updates with personalized commentary for your alliance. Through this, I hope to help the APR reach more people and provoke more discussion!
    If this was not the proper location for this thread, please move it as you please and let me know! Of course, if you wouldn't like me to keep a thread for the APR here at all, I'd understand and take your forums off my list. No big deal.
    To start us off, I'd like to present to you the Yearly Cumulative Update! This update covers all stat changes from 01 January 2015 to 31 December 2015, so it's the most complex and extensive update I've released yet.
    If you'd like to check out some updates of the past, or see the highest an alliance has ever been ranked, do see the first post which contains a link to my Peak Rankings records and a Chronological Index. Feel welcome to give it a like and rate the thread, too! I'm also very open to suggestions, if you have them.
    Anyways, thanks for reading! I'll be catching up on some missed updates today, so stay tuned!
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    Libtardages reacted to Pfeiffer in HAPPY BIRTHDAY TENAGES   
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    Libtardages got a reaction from Saruman in The Braavos Accords (void)   
    P.S. SK celebrates it's fouth birthday today! We can't think of a better capper on the celebrations, antics, and debauchery then to publicly announce a treaty that's been in the works for a little while now, and to let the world know these magnificent heathens in DEIC are our good friends. The only thing left is to convert them to the Faith of the Seven.
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    Libtardages got a reaction from tim armstrong in Recommend a movie or tv show   
    Too lazy to post my own, so going through yours.
    Yes, No, ?, yes, yes, no, no, yes, yes, no, yes, no, ?, ?, yes
    There, that's what you should watch
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    Libtardages reacted to tim armstrong in SK BOOK CLUB   
    If you guys end up getting this off the ground and include outsiders I am in. All of the books mentioned are of interest to me. My all-time favorite is Kurt Vonnegut for fiction.
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    Libtardages reacted to Sabriel in Choose your wallpaper   
    You might want to have two non-changing themes. One that's lightish in colour, one that's darker in colour. The dragon works for a light theme, so you'd just need a darker theme (with light text on a dark background, etc), and then the theme that Ragnar edits. So there'd be a rotating theme, a light theme, a dark theme, and the standard IPB stuff.
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    Libtardages reacted to Reagan in SK BOOK CLUB   
    eh...I'd be game for a movie and/or tv series club.