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  1. Last post wins

    Who is a thrall of Darth Insidious
  2. Request gaming roles on Discord

    Stellaris Total War Warhammer (TWW/TWH - Total Warhammer) Space Engineers
  3. PW 1st world (relevant alliances) problems

    Hegemony = eventual complacency. Let's wait for when that happens.
  4. Last post wins

  5. Last post wins

  6. Last post wins

    Just pad white space to the left and right of the poster. It'll look fine.
  7. Last post wins

  8. Last post wins

    Maybe in 100 years.
  9. Last post wins

    Can you make catch the kraken? (Look at the intro only)
  10. Last post wins

    Um, no. Not your goldfish, the Deep Space Kraken, who is capable of tearing ships apart at whim. And with its fall, there are awfully many wannabes lying around... who knows if the sky could have one...
  11. Last post wins

    Heh, Kerbals are capable of summoning the Kraken. Mere mortals, you say?
  12. Last post wins

    Gotta step it up.
  13. Last post wins

    In addition, if you remain the last poster for long enough, you win! The current "champion" is Val. Of course, you have to be very very very very lucky...
  14. Last post wins

    You win... something an extra post.
  15. Last post wins

    Who then gets caught in a Death Star explosion.