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  1. Cody K

    Last post wins

    I win.
  2. Cody K


  3. Cody K

    Racing!! in Space Engineers

    I may be able to make this. Been awhile since I've touched Space Engineers though.
  4. Cody K


    Any of you guys play? Lyro and I just picked it up last night and it's pretty fun. We'll be on Discord if you're interested in joining us.
  5. Cody K

    Arma 3 - Redux

    How long ago? I played with you and a bunch of others quite some time ago. One of my favorite gaming moments is when you were driving Lyro and I in a boat and hit the only rock in the ocean. Lololz Separating in teams is too mainstream. Although that could be fun if we got enough people playing... Have two groups fighting over an objective or something.
  6. Cody K

    Arma 3 - Redux

    Everybody else: We had some fun playing last night. I only team killed a few times and we now know to never let Mikey in a tank again. Hop on Discord if you ever find yourself interested.
  7. Cody K

    Arma 3 - Redux

    I'm not sure how trying to get a few people to play a game is behind the curve, but.. yeah, sure.
  8. Cody K

    Arma 3 - Redux

    The above video is a nice intro to Arma 3 Wasteland. (Think DayZ without the zombies.) If you're interested in playing lets coordinate some times. I'm also up for some co-op missions or anything else really. Love, Cody
  9. Cody K


    Cuz Mike asked me to
  10. Cody K

    Neptune's Pride

    For those of you who are wondering... I won.
  11. Cody K

    Tech Talk

  12. Cody K

    Neptune's Pride

    I made a new game! 12 players, large map, dark galaxy. No official alliances and 1 cycle every 24 hours. Max starting funds and costs are set to low. The galaxy is circular and victory condition is 66% control. http://np.ironhelmet.com/game/5545704177270784 Password: codypielove Feel free to recruit any friends you know that play and have access to these forums.
  13. Cody K

    Neptune's Pride

    Alrighty, I created a new game here. Password: mikeysux Players: 5 Map: Large Speed: x4 (1 turn every 6 hours) Galaxy is dark, everyone starts with level 2 scanning, formal alliances are enabled. Starting cash is $2k. Edit: Also, victory condition is to control 66% of stars
  14. Cody K

    Neptune's Pride 2

    Aka Lyro and I utterly dominated a few games and it took a match of terrible spawns and every single player teaming up against us to tip the game into your favor. I think Gandalf brook a few records for the quickest deaths though.
  15. Cody K

    Neptune's Pride 2

    Never before in history has anyone dominated something as violently as I did Mikey in NP2.