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    Petyr Baelish is the most lecherous creep I've ever seen. He looks like he spends his free peeping into girls' locker rooms through holes in the wall
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    Ye Olde Graphics Shoppe

    Hi all I'm looking for excuses to use Photoshop more often so I can get better at it. If you want something made (Flags, avatars, forum sigs, shitposts, etc) reply below and I'll try to get it done. All it will cost is your patience, because I'll work on them at my own pace. Examples of previous work: Flags:
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    Movie Night Requests and Upvoting

    We could start star wars and do like a segmented marathon. Always wanted to do that or lord of the rings
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    Destiny 2 Clan

    signed up lets tear this shit up.... in 2 months
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    RIP Olenna Tyrell. The baddest most savage bitch in all of Westeros
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    Ned Stark did the exact same thing to littlefinger before he lost his head. Wouldn't surprise me if it's Jon's downfall.
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    My brother screamed at the television after Jon punched him: "THAT'S RIGHT YOU SMARMY CUNT, YOU DESERVE TO BE PUNCHED IN THE FACE" It was a proud moment.
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    Movie Night Requests and Upvoting

    Backdoor Sluts 9 any of the Alien films