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Grand Foyer


  1. Apply for Membership Here!   (1,767 visits to this link)

    You must register on the forums before applying for membership.

  2. Apply for a Diplomat Mask Here!   (1,110 visits to this link)

    Apply to receive a diplomatic mask, or embassy. You must register on our forums before you can complete the application.

  3. Apply for the Alliance Creation and Development Center!   (10,328 visits to this link)

    Apply here to enroll in the ACDC and start receiving help building your alliance.

  4. Welcome Hall

    Application area for members and diplomats

  5. Hall of Records

    Governing document, treaties, historic announcements, and records.

  6. Blackhorse Pub

    Fun, games, lively discussion and SK:RP. All here and all public. The community center as it were.

  7. SK Discord   (481 visits to this link)

    Voice and Text chat. Come game with us!