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  1. Last week
  2. I may be able to make this. Been awhile since I've touched Space Engineers though.
  3. Earlier
  4. I can be around and I'm up for racing.
  5. So far, three four vehicles are completed. There will be multiple color variations available for use. Pickup truck - Medium Speed, Good Handling Racecar - High Speed, Decent Handling Dragster - Very High Speed, Poor Handling Offroader - Slow Speed, Great Handling APC - Slowest Speed, Highest Handling (Turret is disabled and will do nothing with indestructible blocks on during the races)
  6. So I decided to join up with my bud (Callum introduced me to him) Khellegath in running a space engineers server. We've done some survival in the past, but this time we've decided to make some racetracks! We're going to aim to have at least three different tracks done before the event starts, and probably 4-5 different vehicles for you to choose from. We'll start with just planet-based tracks and later on look at a space, asteroid avoiding, twisting racetrack. Game plan currently is to have it probably around July 1st or so. If you want to participate or contribute to it, lemme know here! I hope to see at least 8 racers!
  7. We'll be playing tonight if anyone who has it is interested. I can also broadcast over steam if someone wants to take a look what the game is like.
  8. Never played h1z1 so I'm not sure.
  9. What's the main difference with this and something like h1z1 king of the kill?
  10. This game is actually quite a good bit of fun, everything we had wanted out of Arma basically. I still love arma as a game, but damned if I can find a server up that isn't Altis life Basically you parachute over an island with up to 100 other people (either solo or in squads of up to 4 people). There you can explore houses and shit to find gear and weapons as you fight your way towards the center of the map, ambushing people (or in my case being ambushed :P) to be the last team standing.
  11. Any of you guys play? Lyro and I just picked it up last night and it's pretty fun. We'll be on Discord if you're interested in joining us.
  12. Yugis RA campaign song - Only Yugi

    Only Yugi Only Yugi

    Tulong natin para malakas ang ating alyansa

    Only Yugi Only Yugi

    Sino ka ba? Only Yugi

    Sino'ng ang nakatulong sa maliit ng bansa?

    Sino'ng gumawa ng bagong ekon grupo 'yan?

    Sino'ng ang lalaban ang terrorista ni ARRRGH

    Only Yugi Only Yugi

    Siya yung ginawa ng donasyon sa dating digmaan

    Sino ka ba? Only Yugi


    Iboto mo si Yugi Romande sa Eleksyon 



  13. You have to make a Humble Bundle account and link your steam profile (so they know where to send the game) if you don't have one, but thats it. Rising Storm is the pacific theatre version of the Red Orchestra games. It was released in 2013, so four years ago, which I think is a good mix of the graphics and gameplay not being very outdated, but the playability on modern machines much more assured for everyone here. If you like FPS or are interested in the genre, I highly recommend it, and we will probably be hosting some game nights and maybe house competitions with it.
  14. Hey guys this game is free, little old so it should be able to run on most computers but it looks fun and would be great to have more games all SK'ers have in common! https://www.humblebundle.com/store/rising-storm-game-of-the-year-edition
  15. Scrub
  16. I'm in.
  17. We're going to be playing some Town of Salem later tonight, if anyone else is interested. Town of Salem is basically another re-skinned version of mafia/werewolves/etc. This one is available free in the browser (or for 5$ on steam, don't know why you'd pay for it though). Games usually take maybe 20 minutes to complete. We'll be talking on discord if you want to join us later.
  18. That's fair, but I figured trying something new might be able to rope in more people
  19. Its tough. Having a discord room and chat helps, but it moves too fast imo for people to keep up with in a casual game. I think forums are good for having a game that goes over days, with people coming to make their posts and cast their votes whenever they get on throughout the day. Discord would be better for a more traditional RL game of mafia where we do it all in one sitting. I would say stick with forums for the SK mafia, (and post it in the Blackhorse Pub for non-SK folks, sometimes they join), and just have some mafia or Town of Salem nights on discord.
  20. This sand castle has more infrastructure than our alliance lul
  21. You shush! Apparently it isn't as close to high-tide as I thought, so I can add more to it as the week goes by.
  22. What is that? A castle for ants!?
  23. Took ~1 hour. The whole castle (the keep is mine). Brooklyn's IA building. Squeegee's ACDC building, and the Inactives sector (And Mikey's FA building) Callum's LC building. Clover's MoC building. Mikey's FA closer up. Everyone else & Yugi.
  24. Mine
  25. The ultimate gaming PC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTGMG2qUMjU
  26. I upgraded. Actually I built an entirely new one: ASRock 99x something Mobo 16GB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM Intel i7-6900k processor EVGA GTX 1080ti EVGA Supernova 700 power supply Rosewill Thor V2 case - Black Corsair h80i CPU watercooler. Crucial 500GB SSD I took my Intel 400GB PCIe SSD and moved it into the new one (yay didn't have to re-install steam games!) And I took my old blu-ray/dvd drive and threw it into the new one (and haven't plugged it in yet still lol)
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