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  3. SK GIBMAS 2017!

    ew no
  4. SK GIBMAS 2017!

    Alternative option: just give them all to me
  5. SK GIBMAS 2017!

    Seven Kingdoms Annual Gibmas Extravaganza! Hey everyone, starting tomorrow, we're going to begin the annual SK Gibmas! During this time of the year, we like to give away random steam game keys to SK Network members and friends. These game range from indie to AAA and game of the year titles! Starting on Monday the 11th (tomorrow!), we will do a drawing every day (between 7-10 EST) for games! Every day there will be at least one game, sometimes a couple games- leading up to Satruday the 23rd, which will be our Mega Giveaway. We will list the games that can be won every day in discord. You can win more than once, with the exception of the 23rd- which will have several winners but you can only win once. This year, we have 3 tiers of games: Tier 1 will consist of indie, light weight games. Tier 2 will conssist of more popular, not so indie games. Tier 3 will consist of AAA and very popular games. We have over 40 games to give away total! As we get closer to the 23rd, the games will become higher on, or more coveted, our tier list. To participate all you need to do is pick 3 random numbers between 1 and 4000 and post them in Discord in the "#SK Gibmas" channel. Format like this as an example: (16)(21)(88) If you are an SK member and not on Discord,please join as soon as possible! Unfortunately, if you can't join Discord, you are unable to participate in this drawing. To keep the process fair and transparent for all members, it is a requirement. You do not have to be present when the live drawing takes place as long as you have entered your numbers before the drawing, you can still win! You will be notified via Discord with any keys.
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  7. Games?

    I like games, Games of all kinds.
  8. Games?

  9. NFL Game Picks... Halfway through season

    I missed Thursday but I'll go with Saints, Colts, Eagles, Falcons, Titans, Rams, Jaguars, Seahawks, Cardinals, Cowboys, Raiders, Lions
  10. NFL Game Picks... Halfway through season

    My Picks: Winners: Bills, Buccaneers, Falcons, Rams, Ravens, Jaguars, Broncos, Texans, Seahawks, Cardinals, Cowboys, Raiders, Lions.
  11. Let’s start NFL Game picks. Predict which teams will win each week. Whoever has the most correct picks at the end of the season wins bragging rights. Let’s start with week 9.
  12. What are you listening to?

    Hollywood Undead- Black Cadillac ft. B-Real I’m not one for this song’s style of music but Hollywood Undead just made me like it. This band is very unique because they can’t be classified as one genre. They do rock/metal, Rap rock, and hip-hop. (This band is made up of 6 white guys. Even if you think it’s a black guy singing he’s white, unless it’s B-Real’s part).
  13. Dolphin Emulator - Gamecube

    Woo! Time for classic games!
  14. Dolphin Emulator - Gamecube

    Netplay Tutorial - How to play with others This is a really simple task. First, click Tools > Start Netplay: You can choose your nickname here. Click Reset Traversal Settings and it should look something like: Hosting To host, click Host and select the game you want to host and click Host in the bottom right: You'll get the host window. In bottom middle-left, increase the buffer to 16: Now you're almost ready to have others join. Next to the "Room ID:" you'll see a code. Click the copy button to the right and give this code to your friend(s) that want to join: Once all your friends have joined you can click start and play: Joining To join a game, enter in the code your friend gave you in the Host Code box: Then just click Connect and you're ready to go.
  15. Dolphin Emulator - Gamecube

    Tutorial to setup Dolphin Once you extract dolphin, open it up and you should see something like this without any games in the list: You will want to create a folder somewhere to put all your games in (ie: Documents/MyGames/Dolphin Games). This will be your directory. Next click Config. Under the first tab, General, you will want to make sure that Enable Cheats is on so we can have all characters already unlocked for multiplayer games. Next, click the GameCube tab and make sure that the MemorySlot A and MemorySlot B are both <Nothing> Next go to Paths and click Add... Navigate it to your newly created folder where your games will be and then just click Ok, then OK on the config. Now, just click the refresh button and all your games in the directory will be listed. The graphic settings should be already optimized. The last step is to make sure your controller is setup (or keyboard if you don't have a controller). Just click Controllers Port 1 is for the "controller 1" (You can have friends locally play as well if you have more than 1 controller) Click Configure and select the device you're using (keyboard or controller): Then just go through all the options and map them according to what you want. The "Modifier" can be cleared out by right clicking them and selecting clear. They're not needed. That concludes the setup of your emulator. The next tutorial will be about connecting to netplay to play with others.
  16. Dolphin Emulator - Gamecube

    Some of us have just started looking at playing some classic games on Gamecube using the Dolphin emulator. So, here's a link to the version that works best for Super Smash Brothers Melee, and it also works fine for other games: Dolphin SSBM optimized We've decided to make things easy for some games that we'll likely play together, and I have added them to a google drive as .7z files: Games! If you want to request anything else added to the drive, let me, Mikey, Squeegee, or Clover know and we'll look at adding them. There is a limit on how many we can have for each google account since some of the games are over 1GB in size.
  17. Destiny 2 Clan

    Destiny was probably one of my favorite games, so I can't wait until Destiny 2. You motherfuckers better raid with us.
  18. Destiny 2 Clan

    signed up lets tear this shit up.... in 2 months
  19. Catan Universe Tutorial- 100% Free Catan Game.

    Im still down for this, hit me up on discord
  20. Destiny 2 Clan

    Hey all. We've got a clan up for Destiny 2. Check it out here
  21. http://store.steampowered.com/app/544730/Catan_Universe/ It is on steam now, although I do not know if it is the same as the download version or if it carries accounts over. Account does carry over- steam version is pretty much the same. Looks like it isn't really "FREE" though, you have to pay to unlock all the expansions and good maps. It used to be 100% Free Op updated.
  22. I dont know how to play but I can read this to try to learn. Hit me up if u start a game. Tues and Wednesday is best for me.
  23. Catan Universe Tutorial- 100% Free Catan Game.

    Sure. I'm game any day after 5pm.
  24. Bump. Half my images magically killed themselves but it should still be possible to follow this guide. Also I think that they translated some of the key bits from German to English. Anyone want to play?
  25. In Celebration of Frankenstein

    its a lot simpler than it looks. Its not that hard imo to pick up the basics and get started, but it has the problem of just throwing everything at you at once with very poor explanation.
  26. In Celebration of Frankenstein

    Im down to play whenever
  27. In Celebration of Frankenstein

    There's a learning curve. If you play MP with us you'll get it
  28. In Celebration of Frankenstein

    Yeah i got HOI4 working, tried the tutorial and still got confused.
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