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History of The Blackstone Commission

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Posted 28 April 2014 - 10:14 AM

BCOM has a short history that originated in CN and then in PT.  Reagan founded BCOM in PW on December 9th, 2013.  Reagan, DragoNero12, and Ark were the first 3 members of the alliance.  Some modifications were made from the previous versions, including alterations to the Charter, flag, and general set up.
On December 12th, 2013, the official version of the flag used in P&W was implemented.
On January 24th, 2014, the Orbis Color Owners Association Accords was a treaty announced by Guardian and Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie, claiming color ownership of the Blue and Orange Spheres along with mutual defense.  This announcement created tensions between those alliances and BCOM as Reagan publicly spoke out condemning the news.  BCOM gained support from others against such a treaty, but it never escalated to warfare.  Guardian and VoC were the top alliances in the game in both power and membership. BCOM knew that they would lose if it should come to war, but still considered organizing a military response based on opposing views and the possibility of creating activity within the game and forums (particularly given that the game was in Beta).  However, the once heated discussions began to fizzle and BCOM's only response ended up being a signature on the Dove Declaration, an agreement of peace in the White Sphere which also included the alliance Solidarity.  BCOM would later resign from the Dove Declaration and sign an economic and defense treaty with Guardian.
On February 12th, 2014, a state of war was declared against the alliance of Imperium.  The causus belli for the war was that the 2nd in Command of Imperium had attacked members of the alliance Men In Black without prejudice, which justified BCOM in launching a strike against Imperium.  MIB was not a treaty partner of BCOM, nor did they request assistance.  In fact, the issue was already being dealt with between the respective governments, but BCOM was looking for an opportunity to test the war system and found one.  The Imperium leader approached BCOM concerning the issue.  Executive Director Reagan ordered a cease fire and end to hostilities in less than 24 hours after the "war" had begun.
On March 5th, 2014, Reagan resigned from his post as Executive Director in order to focus on internal programs and allow new leadership to guide BCOM's political agenda.  Reagan named VanSputia, former Director of Defense, as his successor.  Reagan was granted Emeritus.  VanSputia would maintain the helm until the alliance merged with SK on April 27th, 2014.

During VanSputia's reign as Executive Director, a whole new face of government arose from the previous change of guard. All positions had obtained new Directors, and for a while, Reagan maintained as Associate Director, until Iskander was offered the position. Thus, the last individuals to hold and maintain the Executive office was VanSputia and Iskander, though shortly before the merger, DragoNero12 was handed the position of Associate Director. However, there was no changes or commands given under his short reign. 

While in power, VanSputia spoke with BCOM Foreign Affairs, Financial department, Department of Defense, and diplomats of Guardian, to come up with The Guardian Commission Treaty, on the 13th of April, 2014. 

Upon evaluation of BCOM's current state, and after days of discussion on what path the alliance should take, it was decided that a merger of alliances between BCOM and Seven Kingdoms was necessary. On the 27th of April, 2014, the final vote was cast in the poll, and the decision was made. A formal post was made, along with information in regards to the second lottery of Blackstone Commission.

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