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Charter Appendix I

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Posted 22 April 2014 - 02:10 AM

Seven Kingdoms Charter Appendix I
The Small Council


All Small Council members are paramount in their departments. The King shall not alter the internal workings of departments without discussion with the relevant Small Council member.

High Septon: Head of the Foreign Affairs Department. Responsible for: diplomatic outreach, maintaining the embassy sections of the SK forums, masking diplomats to SK, keeping lists of SK diplomats, coordinating SK Foreign Affairs policy, and any other FA jobs not here mentioned.

Lord Commander: Head of the War Department. Responsible for maintaining the military sections of the SK forums. Responsible for planning and co-ordinating all SK Wars. Responsible for developing mandatory and suggested alliance military preparedness levels. Responsible for all war guides and other military issues not here mentioned.

Master of Coin: Head of the Economics Department. Responsible for developing and maintaining the SK bank(s), banking programs, loan and aid programs and policies, and trade programs and policies responsible for developing and applying the alliance taxation structure. Responsible for periodic audits of SK member nations. Responsible for developing and maintaining SK calculators and other useful tools. Responsible for developing and maintaining guides to PW economics and nation building.

Grand Maester: Head of the Internal Affairs Department. Responsible for new member recruitment. Responsible for developing and maintaining the SK Academy. Responsible for developing and maintaining guides for new members. Responsible for identifying from the Academy potential recruits for different departments. Responsible for intra-alliance competitions, activities, and miscellaneous projects. Responsible for internal alliance security and for forum masking, permission, and organization.

Nota Bene As gameplay guides, nation development guides, and most other non-military guides are intrinsically related to both Economics and Education, the IA Department and the Economics shall work together to develop and maintain them. The Grand Maester and Lord High Steward shall together develop the procedures by which the guides will be maintained and built. The Grand Maester has ultimate authority over guides posted with the Great Library of Aegon, while the Lord High Steward has ultimate authority over guides posted with the Academy.

Lord Seneschal: Head of the Public Affairs Department. This department runs the Alliance Creation and Development (ACDC) program and runs alliance information and propaganda services.

All Department Heads are responsible for finding their own department staff and keeping lists of them.

Department Heads may structure their departments in any way they choose. They may grant any job titles they wish to their subordinates, with the understanding that these titles are temporary and may not be higher than the rank of Viscount.

Department Heads may exchange job responsibilities between themselves as they choose, provided mutual agreement. If other Small Council members object the King shall decide on the swap. The Kings decision may be overridden by a normal override vote.

Department Heads must designate a proxy of their choice who will assume their responsibilities in the event of a sudden and unannounced disappearance of a department head. This proxy may be any member of the alliance, including another department head, or the King. If within 14 days of disappearance, the department head has not returned or made contact, they will be considered as having resigned, and a new department head shall be appointed as per the Charter procedure.

Signed September 12, 2011:



Amended December 11, 2013
Amended subsequently September 24, 2014


Amended subsequently December 9, 2015

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