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#1 Reagan


    Valar Dohaeris

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Posted 07 August 2014 - 12:00 PM

Over time, many of us have used multiple avatars while playing these games and others have stuck to just one.  Others, still, don't use one at all...lame.


Some of you may still have your old avatars stored away somewhere on your pc.  I have several of mine and I thought, why not share?  Show us the avatars you've used in the past and give us some history on them.  (Granted, you'd have to take time to upload them to a service like imgur.com to post them, but it doesn't take long.  I'll kick it off. Of course, I've probably used some I can't recall and no longer have, but here's the bulk of them.


My original avatar from Cyber Nations circa 2007, a Hitman avatar with a drop shadow smaller than the typical 150x150 px dimensions most commonly used.  I used this for the first year or so while I led GUN as "Zhaan".


Posted Image


Also in 2007, Kevin Marks started up Cyber Citizens and just after the release of Mafia 2, I began using an avatar of Vito Scaletta (around 2011).  This is still the avatar I have in my profile over there to this day, a running total of 3 - 3 1/2 years.


Posted Image



Later, when Project Terra came out, I used the same pic to create a new avatar, modifying the background, size, and position, tying it in with the Blackstone Commission.  You can see the BCOM shield in a faint transparency.


Posted Image



Then I came up with other iterations of BCOM background avatars that I swapped out while in PT and in Pixel Nations.  The first one below was a rough cutout that didn't look very good.


Posted Image


Bruce Lee:


Posted Image


Agent Coulson (SHIELD, Avengers):


Posted Image



At some point, I had a Star Trek themed alliance (briefly) over in CN, and went with this image from the Star Trek (2009) movie.


Posted Image


Also favored this Kirk avatar from the same film:


Posted Image


I used this one while over in PN as well, taken from a meme relating to the show How I Met Your Mother, featuring Barney Stinson's "Bro Code".


Posted Image


Early on in Politics & War, I ran with Heisenberg from the show Breaking Bad:


Posted Image


One of my most recent avatars, a generic mafia themed image:




And finally, I used this one briefly in P&W after joining SK.  It's Tyrion Lannister of Game of Thrones, of course.





There are 3 or 4 I've left out because I'm not sure what the forum restriction is set at for images here.  Anyone else care to share?


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#2 RagnarBuliwyf



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Posted 14 October 2014 - 07:30 AM

I've had way too many to list. But I normally switch avatars depending on my show of choice, for awhile though I've been using this avatar/sig combo for everywhere.  Mostly due the show being amazing and the graphics that lyro made for me are epic.

Posted Image

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#3 Niklaus



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Posted 14 October 2014 - 09:05 AM

I have used many avatars but I no longer have all the images I used. Here are the ones I was able to find:


My first avatar on CN (at least as long as I can remember). It's Loki from Thor, the movie. I liked him better than Thor. He is sarcastic, has a good sense of humor, is a great strategist and very shrewd.


Posted Image



The avatar I used in NS NPO. It shows the prince from the game Prince of Persia: Two thrones. I chose it because it shows two sides of the prince, a human side and a darker, devilish other side. To me, at that time, it used the represent the truth that many people have a darker side, which is less feeling, less considerate of others, more selfish and self centered than the usual image they project to others.


Posted Image


This one is the avatar I am currently using and have been using during my whole time in PW. I used it during my time in Guardian, then in Endless and now here, in SK. Only time I changed it was when I came here as a diplomat.


Posted Image



I used a few more in PN but sadly the PN forums are down and I cannot retrieve them from my graphics thread there.


By the way, I like your choice in avatars, Reagan.

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#4 Aisha Greyjoy

Aisha Greyjoy


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Posted 15 October 2014 - 12:35 PM

In one PBP RP game I was in, I used Isabella Lucas from Immortals as my avatar.  Everytime I looked at it, I had to stop and take a breath.Posted Image

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#5 Libtardages


    Supreme N00b

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Posted 14 November 2014 - 12:03 AM

I tend to pick one avatar and stick with it for a long ass period of time.



My current avatar is actually fairly new for me. I switched to on the PW forums back last December. At the time there were a shitload of nazi rp'ers and legitimate neo nazi types all over PW. Game moderation at the time was just putting their fingers in their eyes saying "lalalala" and banning/warning anyone who complained about it.


So I switched my avatar to Brad Pitt from Inglorious Basterds as a jab at the mod staff. And then eventually half the player base openly revolted, and after we all got banned by the head mod at the time, Sheepy came to his sense and dealt with the issue.


Before Brad Pitt, back in PT I had two avatars. One public, one on the SK forums.



I used this one on the PT public forums. I think I started using in September of 2011, when SK was trolling an alliance called Terran Commune to the point where they just disintegrated internally and disbanded. I thought it accurately reflected my attitude towards TC at the time. Then once PT came back up, I kept it, mostly because it served as an upfront warning to the public that there was a good chance I was gonna be a dick. And I thought it perfectly reflected the attitude of PT Bootleg, which was another plus.



I used this one on the SK-PT forums (at least on our second iteration forums, which started in January 2012. I can't remember what I used before that. I don't remember quite how it started, I think Mikey suggested it as a gag, because I had the second biggest nation in PT and was Mr. Moneybags, but either way I just ran with it.



I didn't post on the CN public forums enough that I cared to set up an avatar, so I don't believe I had one there. When I played CN, I was in the Global Order of Darkness, and on our private forums I used (and still use) the default Bob Marley image that comes with SMF. I've been using that since god knows when, 2009 maybe?

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#6 Reagan


    Valar Dohaeris

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Posted 14 November 2014 - 07:39 PM

I remember those.  I like hearing the stories behind them, which is why I started this thread.  Yours actually have meaning to them, versus picking things to match your alliance (which is basically what I did).  I haven't seen Inglorious Basterds and had no idea who (Brad Pitt) was supposed to be or what significance it held.  Good story.

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#7 Libtardages


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Posted 15 November 2014 - 12:53 AM

As for yours, I'll always associate the Kirk avatar (and to a lesser extent the Heisenberg avatar) with you. Not sure why, but those are the ones that I instantly remember.

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